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A duo to know: PÜR shampoo and conditioner, perfect for young animals.

This unique therapeutic shampoo is one of the products of which we are most proud as it is effective, versatile and very gentle.

It is designed for dogs and cats with sensitive skin but is also recommended for puppies and kittens. Its formulation based on lavender hydrosol, bamboo extract, olive leaves, chamomile and calendula gives it a calming, antibacterial and moisturizing action.

Therapeutic above all, it nevertheless does not give up its place in bringing shine, elasticity and lightness to the most rebellious coats of dogs with pronounced dermatitis.

We use it in duo with itsconditioner which is also composed of the same active ingredients.

No chemical agents, no petroleum derivatives, no alcohol, no sulfates, it contains no silicone, no paraben and is free of polymers. This way you avoid the accumulation of toxins which could accumulate dangerously in the body of your four-legged animal.

It is recommended for puppies and kittens because of its calming gentleness which promotes a harmonious first grooming experience. The first grooming experience should be carried out gently to avoid long-term fears.

Demystifying puppy grooming:

At what age should puppies have their first grooming?? Actually, there are two parts to the answer.

Part 1!

A puppy should be accustomed to it upon arrival at its home.

- Be handled every day (without forgetting the handling of the paws)

- Be brushed daily, to be able to enjoy this moment when he grows up, and thus not fear the brush and the comb.

- Be introduced to your little toothbrush, and gradually establish a dental hygiene routine.

Part 2!

- At 2-3 months: as soon as the puppy has received its first vaccinations, make an appointment with your groomer. At the first grooming, this should be very simple with a program for puppies (which gradually introduces grooming to the puppy e.g. hearing razor, dryer, running bath water, introduction to nail trimming, all with patience and gentleness )

These steps are essential if you want an adult dog who is not afraid of the grooming salon!! Note that some will not be afraid of anything and from the first grooming will be able to have complete grooming. Despite everything, the important thing here is to remember to properly introduce grooming to the puppy, otherwise his future years of grooming will be catastrophic for everyone (your dog, your groomer and yourself).

NEVER make an appointment for the first time with your rather adolescent puppy full of knots.... his first grooming experience will be traumatic for him and the obligation of having to shave him will ensure that he will have a fear and even a fear of the grooming salon....

Don’t forget that puppies need positive experiences to be balanced dogs.

How to properly use PÜR products:

Shake the bottle. Apply generously to previously wet fur. Massage into a lather. Rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat if desired. For best results, use our PÜR conditioner to rehydrate the hydrolipid barrier.

Available in 250 ml, 1 liter and 4 liter formats.

Article written by Aude Daigneault,

Animal health technician,

Groomer and Blogger of the Groomer's Life page.

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