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New Year, New Habits: Establishing a Health Routine for Your Dog or Cat

Large dog with balloons and confetti.

With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to develop new habits. Why not take this chance to establish a health routine for your dog or cat? Here's how you can set up a routine that will contribute to your pet's health and well-being.

Regular Veterinary Checkups 

The first step in establishing a health routine for your pet is scheduling regular veterinary checkups. These visits allow potential health problems to be detected before they become serious. Be sure to follow your pet's vaccination schedule and do annual health check-ups.

Balanced Diet and Exercise 

A balanced diet and regular exercise are essential for your pet's health. Choose quality food suitable for your pet's age, size, and breed. Ensure that your pet has plenty of opportunities for exercise, whether in the form of walks, play, or other activities.

Dental Care

Don't forget about dental care. Periodontal disease is common in dogs and cats, but can be prevented with regular brushing and dental check-ups. Specific chew toys can also help maintain good dental health.

Coat and Skin Care 

Regular grooming is important for maintaining a healthy coat. This includes brushing to remove dead hair and knots, as well as regular baths with a gentle shampoo. Also, regularly check your pet's skin for any abnormalities.


By establishing a health routine for your dog or cat, you can contribute to their overall well-being and prevent potential health problems. Remember that every pet is unique and their routine should be tailored to their specific needs. Consult your vet for personalized advice.

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